Flatfishes. Biology And Exploitation

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Fascinating and instantly recognizable, flatfishes are unique in their asymmetric postlarval body form

Anyone interested in flatfish at whichever stage of the economic food chain should invest in a copy immediately

Aquaculture International A data-rich book that outlines much of what you might ever want to know about flatfishes

Ausmarine Because of the high quality of each chapter, written by international experts, it is a valuable reference

Carefully compiled and edited by four internationally-known scientists and with chapters written by many world leaders in the field, this excellent new edition of a very popular and successful book is essential reading for fish biologists, fisheries scientists, marine biologists, aquaculture personnel, ecologists, environmental scientists, and government workers in fisheries and fish and wildlife departments

Fish Fisheries Well presented with clear illustrations and a valuable source of information for those with a general interest in fish ecology or for the more specialist reader

Flatfishes Biology and Exploitation, Second Edition, should be found in all libraries of research establishments and universities where life sciences, fish biology, fisheries, aquaculture, marine sciences, oceanography, ecology and environmental sciences are studied and taught

It provides Overviews of systematics, distribution, life history strategies, reproduction, recruitment, ecology and behaviour Descriptions of the major fisheries and their management An assessment of the synergies between ecological and aquaculture research of flatfishes

J Fish Biology An excellent and very practical overview of the whole, global flatfish scene

Reviews in Fish Biology and Fisheries

Reviews of the First Edition A solid, up-to-date book that advanced students and research scientists with interests in fish biology will find interesting and useful

This second edition of Flatfishes Biology and Exploitation has been completely revised, updated and enlarged to respond to the ever-growing body of research

With over 800 extant species recognized and a distribution stretching around the globe, these fishes are of considerable research interest and provide a major contribution to commercial and recreational fisheries worldwide

You should make sure that your library has a copy